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The Hamilton Huskies Hockey Hall of Fame celebrates the significant achievements of its Alumni players, coaches, officials and builders of the Hamilton Huskies and Hamilton Reps organization, and in representing the City of Hamilton’s storied hockey history.


At its Annual Hall of Fame Celebration, one candidate from a reduced list of 3 finalists will be honoured in each of the following Categories: Athlete, Builder, Team; in addition, one Hamilton Hockey Award from outside of the organization will be honoured in a specially named category.

Athlete - The individual candidate must have represented the Huskies/Reps and achieved significant success at a provincial, national, and/or international level at either the professional or amateur level either as an active member of the Association, or in their pursuits as a Huskies graduate.


Builder (Coach, Manager, Administrator) The individual candidate must have represented the Huskies/Reps and contributed to the overall growth of the organization through success on or off the ice.


Team The candidate must have achieved noteworthy success at a provincial and/or national and/or international level during at least 1 season.


Hamilton’s Special Hockey Award The Hamilton Huskies Executive reserves the right to honour an individual, team, significant event, or significant location that has represented Hamilton’s storied Hockey History.

Notable Huskies Hockey Graduates

  • Dave Andreychuk
  • Frank Caprice
  • Alan Bester
  • Bill Dowd
  • Derek King
  • Joe Cirella
  • Ric Natress
  • Jason Soules
  • Steve Staios
  • Ryan Kuwabara
  • Ryan Risidore
  • Chris Stevenson
  • Joe Seroski
  • Adam Mair
  • Kyle Hagel
  • Dennis Maxwell
  • Brian McGrattan
  • Josh Soares
  • Sam Campbell
  • Zac Rinaldo
  • Marc Hagel
  • Spencer Abbott

In addition, there are long lists of Notable Huskies Hockey Builders, Notable Huskies Provincial Team Champions, and Notable Huskies Alumni in the Community …


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