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  E-mail: [email protected]  00_Organization_Huskies_Maple_Leaf_CS5-01.png
  Fax:     (905) 318-1336
  Mailing Address:
  91 Chedmac Drive
  Hamilton, ON, Canada
  L9C 7R5
ExecutiveYosh KitamuraPresident
ExecutiveMike SpadaforaGeneral Manager
ExecutiveGary McFarlaneDirector at Large - Risk Management Committee
ExecutiveGeorge ParkerDirector at Large - Risk Management Committee
ExecutiveJim StevensonDirector at Large
ExecutiveGail StevensonSecretary - General Correspondence - All AAA / AA / MD Injury Reports
ExecutiveKathleen SharkeyRegistrar, PVSC Convenor (Police Vulnerable Sector Checks)
ExecutiveLisa HolderIce Scheduler
ExecutiveJim LennoxRisk Management Committee - ALLIANCE Hockey & Junior Player Tryout Permission Forms
ExecutivePam LennoxTryout & Registration Committee
ExecutiveStephanie HigsonTryout & Registration Committee
ExecutiveLucy FlorioTryout & Registration Committee
ExecutiveJodi KielbTryout & Registration Committee
Org StaffIan DouglasHead Trainer
Org StaffMike WalshU9 / U8 Program Oversight
Org StaffWeb AdminWeb Site Administrator
AAA - U10 AAA 2012Beau SpencerHead Coach905-802-0879 (c)
AAA - U10 AAA 2012Jeremy SetzkornCoach
AAA - U10 AAA 2012Marlon SookdeoCoach
AAA - U10 AAA 2012Justin GunterTrainer
AAA - U10 AAA 2012Natasha PereiraManager4166068662 (c)
AAA - U11 AAA 2011Bryan GibsonHead Coach
AAA - U11 AAA 2011John JeffriesCoach9059025012 (c)
AAA - U11 AAA 2011Greg LargeCoach2896847868 (c)
AAA - U11 AAA 2011Ryan LounsburyCoach
AAA - U11 AAA 2011Chad BoykoTrainer905-818-9410 (c)
AAA - U11 AAA 2011Paul BriseboisManager
AAA - U12 AAA 2010Peter (PJ) BlackHead Coach9057463591 (c)
AAA - U12 AAA 2010Shawn BrennCoach9055166051 (c)
AAA - U12 AAA 2010Ryan SpoladorCoach
AAA - U12 AAA 2010Conrad GalambosTrainer9059797039 (c)
AAA - U12 AAA 2010Stephen SlamaGoalie Coach
AAA - U12 AAA 2010Chris PoirierManager4165734396 (c)
AAA - U13 AAA 2009Chris JedrzejewiczHead Coach
AAA - U13 AAA 2009Drew JedrzejewiczCoach
AAA - U13 AAA 2009Nicholas BruccoleriCoach
AAA - U13 AAA 2009Ian DouglasTrainer905-516-9020 (c)
AAA - U13 AAA 2009Christine PavaoManager
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Anthony HerringtonHead Coach
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Spencer AbbottCoach3128688963 (c)
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Jason MahoodCoach
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Niki PettiCoach5148864559 (h)
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Lauren CurtisTrainer6133292146 (c)
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Jay BondyManager2892080297 (c)
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Jennifer AlfordCo-Manager/Trainer9057464909 (c)
AAA - U14 AAA 2008Bryan McLaughlinMental Performance Consultant
AAA - U15 AAA 2007Rick ChapmanHead Coach
AAA - U15 AAA 2007Jeremy MartinCoach
AAA - U15 AAA 2007Charlie PolizziCoach
AAA - U15 AAA 2007Samantha PolizziTrainer
AAA - U15 AAA 2007Patrick CormackGoalie Coach647-850-6215 (c)
AAA - U15 AAA 2007Melanie StinsonManager905-466-6859 (c)
AAA - U16 AAA 2006Andrew FritschHead Coach226-920-4993 (c)
AAA - U16 AAA 2006Mitch NardiCoach
AAA - U16 AAA 2006Casey RobertsCoach19055122319 (c)
AAA - U16 AAA 2006John StaresinicTrainer905-973-3241 (c)
AAA - U16 AAA 2006Franco CavallaroManager
AAA - U18 AAA 2005/2004John BarrettHead Coach519-761-0581 (c)
AAA - U18 AAA 2005/2004Chad HollowayCoach
AAA - U18 AAA 2005/2004Tanner BrenneckeCoach9059664611 (c)
AAA - U18 AAA 2005/2004Brian HollowayManager905-220-4764 (c)
AAA - U18 AAA 2005/2004Matthew BazinetTrainer2892510953 (c)
AAA - U18 AAA 2005/2004Ejiroghene RerriTrainer6478238212 (c)
AA/A - U10 AA/A 2012Joel RitchieHead Coach905-929-6887 (c)
AA/A - U10 AA/A 2012Jeremy DeeleyCoach9059122266 (c)
AA/A - U10 AA/A 2012Patrick St. JacquesCoach905-973-1908 (c)
AA/A - U10 AA/A 2012Ronald TeufelCoach
AA/A - U10 AA/A 2012Jason ReidTrainer9055417343 (h)
AA/A - U10 AA/A 2012Dana GillisManager
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011Cory HerbertHead Coach416-839-3514 (c)
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011John DuckCoach
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011Ryan McGilveryCoach9055156518 (c)
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011Dave StokoeCoach9059616180 (c)
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011Tim PascoeTrainer
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011Eric CanhamGoalie Coach
AA/A - U11 AA/A 2011Kim MandersonManager905-515-7959 (c)
AA/A - U12 AA/A 2010Jamie SimpsonHead Coach905-741-9304 (c)
AA/A - U12 AA/A 2010David MercantiCoach9055176132 (c)
AA/A - U12 AA/A 2010Ken YoungCoach2894394850 (c)
AA/A - U12 AA/A 2010Anthony (Tony) PorcoTrainer905-979-8072 (c)
AA/A - U12 AA/A 2010Mike St. PierreTrainer / Manager905-467-9143 (c)
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Ryan HigsonHead Coach19059287504 (c)
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Shane BlanchardCoach9058180565 (c)
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Jim GriffinCoach
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Paul SteeleCoach2899252558 (c)
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Shane MoretuzzoTrainer905-902-0164 (c)
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Jeff TurnerGoalie Coach2898283569 (h)
AA/A - U13 AA/A 2009Joe WadeManager905-515-4595 (c)
AA/A - U14 AA/A 2008Chuck SmithHead Coach9057198653 (h) 9057198653 (c)
AA/A - U14 AA/A 2008Mike WhitlockCoach
AA/A - U14 AA/A 2008Tony GrahamTrainer905-515-3757 (c)
AA/A - U14 AA/A 2008Dominik MertzTrainer
AA/A - U14 AA/A 2008Jennifer GrahamManager
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007Paul CannonHead Coach6132666008 (c)
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007Frank BrenneckeCoach
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007James HillCoach4165296289 (c)
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007Ken PaganCoach
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007Dan SyroidCoach
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007Derek MorganTrainer
AA/A - U15 AA/A 2007Todd ClairmontManager
AA/A - U16 AA/A 2006Brad MundayHead Coach905-818-9781 (c)
AA/A - U16 AA/A 2006Brandon BucciCoach
AA/A - U16 AA/A 2006Paul DaszkoTrainer
AA/A - U16 AA/A 2006Josh JansonsManager
AA/A - U18 AA/A 2005/2004Steve BeaudoinHead Coach905-220-4556 (c)
AA/A - U18 AA/A 2005/2004Ryan McGilveryCoach9055156518 (c)
AA/A - U18 AA/A 2005/2004Stuart PhillipsTrainer905-870-4650 (c)
AA/A - U18 AA/A 2005/2004Lou RedaManager9057301266 (c)
MD - U8 MD RED 2014Mike WalshHead Coach5197710277 (h)
MD - U8 MD RED 2014David McNabCoach289-659-3444 (h)
MD - U8 MD RED 2014Mike SiciliaCoach9055158096 (c)
MD - U8 MD RED 2014Nicholas ArmstrongTrainer905-975-2779 (h)
MD - U8 MD RED 2014William OrmerodTrainer4162783730 (c)
MD - U8 MD RED 2014Kimberley StinellisManager
MD - U9 MD RED 2013Mike WalshHead Coach5197710277 (h)
MD - U9 MD RED 2013Joel CampbellCoach
MD - U9 MD RED 2013Karl MurrayCoach905-962-8107 (c)
MD - U9 MD RED 2013Steve KokoskiTrainer
MD - U9 MD RED 2013Ryan FusinaTrainer
MD - U9 MD RED 2013Jenni Weller-KokoskiManager9053348409 (c)
MD - U9 MD WHITE 2013Mike WalshHead Coach5197710277 (h)
MD - U9 MD WHITE 2013Scott FeddemaHead Coach2896811790 (c)
MD - U9 MD WHITE 2013Andrew AireCoach
MD - U9 MD WHITE 2013Leslie FaragoCoach
MD - U9 MD WHITE 2013Lacey FeddemaManager
MD - U9 MD WHITE 2013Adam HazellTrainer
MD - U11 MD 2011Mike AhearnHead Coach4379257001 (c)
MD - U11 MD 2011Russ CarterCoach2892377070 (c)
MD - U11 MD 2011Adrian FidanzaCoach
MD - U11 MD 2011Emerson HeaslipCoach9055187547 (c)
MD - U11 MD 2011Rob KitamuraCoach
MD - U11 MD 2011Alejandro DE LA RETATrainer19055372629 (c)
MD - U11 MD 2011Jennifer AireManager
MD - U12 MD 2010Bryson SherriffHead Coach639-471-1546 (c)
MD - U12 MD 2010Steve HatcherCoach
MD - U12 MD 2010Marcus HunterCoach
MD - U12 MD 2010Aaron WrightCoach9059216936 (h)
MD - U12 MD 2010Dave FournierTrainer2897888969 (c)
MD - U12 MD 2010Glenn LouhingManager
MD - U13 MD 2009Kevin McFarlaneHead Coach
MD - U13 MD 2009Elio Di FrancescoCoach905-971-6086 (c)
MD - U13 MD 2009William LawrenceCoach9058189693 (h)
MD - U13 MD 2009A.J. ZmudczynskiCoach
MD - U13 MD 2009Dave GeminTrainer
MD - U13 MD 2009Carrie GreenManager
MD - U15 MD 2007Jason GodfreyHead Coach
MD - U15 MD 2007Chris MorrisCoach9059780100 (c)
MD - U15 MD 2007Daniel RobertsTrainer6478254107 (c)
MD - U15 MD 2007Christian JoblingManager
MD - U16 MD 2006Aaron KleinHead Coach416-414-7292 (c)
MD - U16 MD 2006Ryan AbendschonCoach
MD - U16 MD 2006Robert VaughanCoach289-933-5284 (c)
MD - U16 MD 2006Brenda SheehanTrainer9053793432 (c)
MD - U16 MD 2006Alain de SouzaManager
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