INTERNET SAFETY (Hamilton Huskies)


Internet safety is the responsibility of the individual user.

There are many scams out there where people are trying to separate you from your hard earned money or trick you into sharing personal information.

The Hamilton Huskies will only request payment online, generally through an Online Registration Form, via eTransfer to their designated eTransfer email of [email protected]   You must ensure that that your eTransfer is sent to the correct email address.

No member of the Hamilton Huskies Executive or Staff will request a payment or money transfer through the use of gift cards or any other method than the eTransfer to the specific email address mentioned above.

"Phishing" is an attack in which the threat actor poses as a trusted person of our organization to trick potential victims into sharing sensitive information or sending them money. The attacks may come as a text message however they are generally sent via email. These have been known to come from the Huskies President or the Huskies Secretary and the biggest giveaway that it is "Phishing" is the sender's email address. If the sending email address looks odd or complicated then it most likely is fake.

It is very easy for the attacker to see the names of the people who are in a position of responsibility in our organization. This is public information on our website. They use this information to send "Phishing" emails to other members of our organization using a fake, disposable email address. The other members are commonly other executive members, staff or members of team staff's whose contact information is included in their personal profiles. Rarely will this be a player / parent participant unless they are part of a team staff.

Unfortunately receiving these "Phishing" attacks is a downside of having to have our contact information available to execute our responsibilities. 

Given we can't prevent these attacks from happening it is our individual responsibility to identify and recognize what is real and what is not.

"Phishing" is a common scam using email. For more information on "Phishing" click here