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Porting My Profile to a New Implementation

If you are a fully certified user for the Respect in Sport Activity Leader, Respect in Sport for Hockey (Speak Out Online), or Respect in School programs, you may transfer (port) your certification and profile to a new implementation. All three program certifications are interchangeable.

For example, if you are a teacher/coach and you completed the Respect in School program or you are a hockey coach and have completed the Respect in Sport program and you want to transfer your profile to the Thames Valley Respect in Sport program, you can.

To port a certification and user:

 Print your certificate or write down the exact certification number

 Click on the "Register a New User" link at the site you are adding your profile to https://alliance.respectgroupinc.com

 At the top of the registration page, enter the exact certification number

 Click the "Check" button

 If the certification number is found in the system, elements of your profile will be transferred to the new system.

 Complete the registration page and select "Submit"

 Your profile and certification will be added to the new implementation

What if I don’t have my certification number?

 You can also retrieve your certification number if you have the correct first name, last name and date of birth you entered when you accessed the original program. Please go to the URL below and enter in the data.


My certification number starts with RIA...

 That means you were part of the pilot project with TVDSB and you cannot port your information over using this system. RGI will do that on your behalf if you contact us. Please email [email protected] with your certification information.

Only those users that completed the program can port their certification over. If you did not fully complete any of the pilot programs (2008- 2009) you will have to begin again in 2011.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Mark Allen [email protected]

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