2024-25 AA/A & BB/B & MD Tryout Player List & Releasing of Players (Hamilton Huskies)


Print2024-25 AA/A & BB/B & MD Tryout Player List & Releasing of Players


The Huskies will continue to use the Tryout Player List function of the Web Site to select / release players for the combined AA and BB Tryouts.
This system uses a CODE Number that the players will receive when they attend the sign in desk for their first evaluation session. 

Some reasons utilizing this method:

*  Impersonal – emotions aren’t part of the message

*  Private – players learn of the good news / bad news surrounded only by their support group rather than their peers

*  Convenience – players don’t have to wait in long lines after their tryout session

*  Better Decisions – coaches / evaluators can use additional time after each session to more carefully make their selections

*  Coaches should make themselves available for feedback after the selection process is completed for a period of two weeks. If a player / parent is unsuccessful in reaching a coach during this two week window they are free to contact the Huskies Organization

CODE numbers are unique and privately issued to the individual player.
IF YOU LOSE YOUR CODE/CARD please ask for a replacement card at the sign in desk.
IF YOU HAVE LOST YOUR CODE/CARD and have been released from the team you will not be allowed on the ice at the next Evaluation session.

CODE numbers that appear on a Team’s “Tryout List” page indicate that those players ARE INVITED BACK TO THE NEXT Evaluation session.

CODE numbers that DO NOT APPEAR and have been removed from the “Tryout List” indicate that those players have been released and DO NOT RETURN TO THE NEXT EVALUATION SESSION.

AA & BB Coaches will colaborate on intrasquad rosters throughout the evaluation process to create competitive games. Coaches will communicate with each other throughout the evaluation process as they identify players in attendance for their respective teams. AA teams will be finalized first.

As there is a 3 skate minimum counting from the first scheduled session there will be no releases on the team Tryout Player List until after the 3rd evaluation.

After the 2nd session the AA & BB coaches may identify a number of players who have been Selected and signed to their respective teams by putting AA or BB in the Jersey column.

After the 3rd session the AA & BB coaches may identify a number of players who they feel will not be selected for either team, remove these player's CODE numbers from the Tryout Players List indicating they have been released from both teams.

If your CODE remains after the 3rd session the AA & BB coaches will identify players who will be playing in the 4th session (the Home Exhibition Game if arranged) by adding something in the GROUP column to indicate which players will actually dress for that game. Not all players with their CODEs remaining on the Tryout Player List will be able to dress for this Home Exhibition Game. 

After the 4th session the AA & BB coaches will identify all players who have been selected and signed to both teams respectively by adding a AA or BB in the Jersey column beside the CODE number to finalize their teams.

They will also make the final player releases by removing these player's CODE numbers from the Tryout Players List.

We thank all those who express interest in playing for the Hamilton Huskies by attending these Evaluation and Player Selection sessions and for the hard work and effort by all that it takes to be there.


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If you see this message:
"This list is currently being updated, and will be displayed five minutes after the last change has been made"
then you will need to wait a few minutes and return. Coaches are asked to wait at least an hour following any session to make their changes to the Tryout Player List. When viewing the Tryout Player List please take note of the "Last Updated" date and time in the bottom left corner of the list.