2023-24 Team Personnel Information Form (Hamilton Huskies)

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  1. Admin Use Only
Please select the team you are associated with and your position on that team's staff.
Please enter your name, date of birth and complete address.
  1. The name entered here must be the same as the name entered when registering for Certification Clinics
  2. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
    mm/dd/yyyy Type the date in using this format or select from the calendar. Birthdate is required when registering a coach to a roster in the Hockey Canada Registry
  3. City Only, Please DO NOT include Province
Please list the email addresses and phone numbers you wish to share. We must have 1 email address and 1 phone number from each staff member for communication purposes. YOU CONTROL WHAT WE MAKE PUBLIC FOR PRIVACY REASONS SO PLEASE CAREFULLY SELECT WHICH INFORMATION, IF ANY, THAT YOU WOULD LIKE TO DISPLAY IN YOUR TEAM PROFILE. A COPY OF THIS FORM WILL BE SENT TO PRIMARY EMAIL 1 AS CONFIRMATION OF YOUR SUBMISSION
  1. Confirmation of form submission will be sent to this email address
  2. Example: ###-###-####
  3. Example: ###-###-####
  4. Check the appropriate box. Phone numbers checked will appear on the Web Site. YOU MUST BE AWARE OF THE POTENTIAL FOR PHISHING SCAMS VIA TEXT WHEN YOU PUBLICLY DISPLAY A PHONE NUMBER
Please insert your current level of certification in each category if applicable. All team personnel must have PRS Certification.
  1. Please enter your HCR ID# if you know it
  2. RadDatePicker
    Open the calendar popup.
    Please enter the date of Expiry for your Trainers Certification.
  3. Obtained in either 2021 or 2022
  1. Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form continues to be a yearly requirement.

    You will be directed to the Rowan's Law Acknowledgement Form upon submission of this Team Personnel Information Form where you will find the relevant links to the documents requiring review.
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